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Together We Will Create A Marketing Plan As Distinctive As Your Home
At the Boeckle Group, we believe no two properties or clients are the same and we thrive on turning this challenge into success stories. Now that you are working with us, we together will create a marketing plan that is as distinctive as your home to ensure that you are one of our highly rated successes. To get you the best deal for your home, we apply our four-pronged approach; 1. We will work with you to establish the best market price for your home. 2. Create a robust marketing campaign to attract as many potential buyers as possible. 3. Once we receive an offer, we will work with you to ensure that the terms of the deal are structured to your benefit and that they meet your full expectation and satisfaction. 4. Finally, we will manage the negotiations, transactional paperwork as well as the timelines to ensure your sale closes smoothly. We have a team of highly skilled and organized real estate professionals with outstanding closing rates that will be assisting you from the beginning of your journey until the very end. We will leave no stone unturned to ensure that your experience with us is truly not only memorable but smooth and hassle free.
We're with you from start to finish

We want to ensure you get the right price and deal for your property so our first principle is guide you from the first step to when the deal closes.

We help you prepare your home for the market

A clean home in good repair sells much more quickly than one in poor condition. In light of this, we help you identify and implement what repairs and upgrades are needed to help you get a great and quick sale. Areas we will focus on include:

Multimedia Exposure

Our aim is to give your home the maximum amount of exposure across multiple media channels. This requires a careful mix of media strategies such as; Local Networking with our own database Las Vegas agents and brokers. Expansive online exposure. Direct Mail Marketing. Aggressive Social Media Marketing & Advertising.

It is very important to use captivating and professionally printed property flyers, postcards, e-cards and vidoes. These are often the first contact a buyer has with your property. This type of communication is still very effective in communicating specific qualities of your home to all potential buyers. Our goal with all advertising is to leave buyers with the best impression possible.

We will advertise your home across all top real estate websites

The use of social media has changed the way real estate is bought and sold today. We will use our exceptional marketing skills online to reach a greater number of interested buyers and create a buzz around your property. We place online advertisements, create targeted posts and measure online engagement across our social accounts to ensure your property is marketed to the highest extent.

Professional photography that is sure to impress

No matter the price range or location, your property deserves to be represented with the highest quality images and video. Let us help you highlight the special attributes of your property in order to best appeal to buyers in the corresponding lifestyle demographics. For more examples of our photography and video work, check out our Gallery.

Meet The Team

The Boeckle Group Team is built around a culturally diverse group of dedicated and hardworking professionals to ensure the highest tier of service to each client. With over 15 years of combined experience in the real estate market in Las Vegas, we understand the risks associated with investing in this economy, the trends and seasons of the local market, and work daily to minimize exposure while maximizing capital gain. View Our Company page to learn more about our team and their strengths.

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